SmartSchool preschool curriculum
SmartSchool Junior is India’s first 100% digital preschool chain in the country. The complete curriculum has been mapped to high definition 3D/2D animation with World class voice over. Smartschool Junior content is purely activity based and involves the use of digital and physical education aids for its delivery. The complete curriculum has been designed by pedagogue experts with years of experience in the early years learing.
The Idealogy of our curriculum is based on upon three strong pillars :-
The concept of Reinforcement
Each and every topic in the curriculum is reinforced to the child using different aids. For example a sample topic can be taught through book, digital aid and hands on activity.
Better learning through digital and physical aids.
One of the most important feature of our offering is the mapped digital content. Our entire curriculum is mapped to the digital content and also to the educational aids. This mapping leads to a better and assured quality pedagogue in the classroom.
Entire concept developed on the concept of “ S M A R C “
The entire curriculum is developed to provide the following learnings in the child
S - Social and emotional Development
M - Motor Skills
A - Academic skills
R - Refinement of Senses
C - Cognitive skills
Through activities, we make sure to emphasize the SMARC concept at every point of learning.
“A new research from Penn State University states that amalgamation of these five aspects of child’s learning into a curriculum can result in an optimum learning impact on the child”.
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