SmartSchool Junior UKG program is meant for 4+ to 5 years age group children. The complete UKG program has been designed to provide a complete fun based learning environment. The entire curriculum of UKG program has been designed after years of painstakingly research and has been created by top experts in the field of child psychology. The UKG program includes various activities, that reinforces the various themes with adequate opportunities for hands-on experience. “Fun at school” and “fun at home” is the specialty of the UKG curriculum. In the program, the children are engaged in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem solving in a fun filled but purposeful manner, which not only stimulates lateral thinking but also provides a hands on learning on various aspects of curriculum. The curriculum also touches upon the day to day etiquettes which are inculcated in the child right from the beginning.
  • Gross and motor Skill based activities
  • Cognitive Skill based activities
  • Refinement of senses based activity
  • Social and emotional based activities
  • Art and Craft Skill based activities
  • Academic based activities
SmartSchool Junior Advantages
Edu-aids based activities
Our complete course plan accompanies a host of advanced teaching aids and methods, which provide a overall hands on learning to the child.
Role play activities
Our curriculum includes many role play activities, that are designed to promote the social and emotional development in the child.
Theme days activities
We follows a theme based curriculum, where different theme days are celebrated in the preschool to reinforce the topics taught in the classroom.
Indoor & outdoor activities
We believe in fun based learning. The entire preschool curriculum has been structured to provide extensive indoor and outdoor activities.
Love and care
Special love and care is bestowed on each and every child, because we strongly believe that school is your child’s second home.
100 % Digital Curriculum
The SmartSchool Junior’s curriculum is completely digitized with high definition digital videos, and interactive applications
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